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Seamless Film / Tape

( Two Side Adhesion )


This products are pre-applied with exclusive adhesive which can be tightly adhere to different fabrics or materials from intimate apparel to high performance outerwear as the function of bonding. Seamless film replaced the traditional way of bulky stitched seams of sewing in the form of cut-and-sew garments; instead, apparels can be completely bonded together with seamless film which can also enhance the function, fit, and form of garments and even improve manufacturing with less production time. 



  • For General Fabric
  • For Water-Repellent Fabric
  • For Heat Sensitive Fabric
  • For Heat Sensitive/ Stretch Fabric


  • Easy for customized use.( Design-> Cut -> Weed -> Heat Apply )
  • Comfortable apparel touching
  • Less abrasion to the end users
  • Lighter weight
  • Excellent wash ability
  • Much stronger and durable than sewn seams
  • Transparent films have no color matching issue compared to sewn seams
  • Bonding of most kind of fabric like cotton, drill, polyester, lycra, nylon, woven/ nylon fabrics, etc.


  • Standard film width: 28/ 38 cm


  • Can bond to various fabrics and materials: zippers, outside/ inside pockets, shoulder/ knees/ elbows patches, hems, seams, etc.

  • Seamless bras/ panties, sports bras, sports and casual wear, outdoor clothing, accessories for running, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, biking, yoga, training, gym, etc. 


  • Apparel Seams

  • Pockets & Zippers

  • Bras

  • Panties

  • Seamless film/ tape

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