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Trims for Shoes


Our Heat Transfers and Decorative Overlay Films or Tapes can be applied on custom brand logos or for other decoration purpose. Surface color and bonding quality can be chosen based on your footwear design. Seamless films and tapes can also replace the stitching and weighs footwear down but still have excellent durability.

It can be easily cut to fit your design and bonded to different shoe textures: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, water repellent fabrics, migration fabrics, and leather. Give you the most convenience of production. 

Applications: Toe cap, vamp, tongue, shoe-pad, quarter, counter, upper, eyelets

  • Shoe Tongue Logos

  • Quarter Logos

  • Decorative Overlay Tape for Quarter

  • Decorative Overlay Film for Heel

  • Vamp Design

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