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High Elastic Reflective Logo (H.E.R.O)

This series is especially developed for high elastic performance wear fabric applications and high-quality reflective design. 



  • Kiss-Cut


  • High Reflective (Silver reflective >400 CPL, Color reflective >250~400 CPL)
  • High elongation
  • Excellent recovery and durability after stretched
  • Suitable for lycra, spandex, nylon lycra fabrics, etc.
  • Multi-colors available
  • No glue edge
  • Soft hand feel
  • Eco-friendly ink system 


  • Custom graphics/ texts, brand logos, size labels, decorative overlay film/ tape, etc.
  • Suitable for those wear with very high recovery and extended performance applications: yoga, training and gym, compression gear (arm sleeves/ leggings/ socks), sportswear, outdoor clothing, accessories, etc.
  • After reflective

  • Decorative Overlay Film & Tape

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