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Conductive Film & Tape


E. Textint Corp. developed a breakthrough functional conductive material for textile industry. These flexible and strong films & tapes provided in roll format all exhibit excellent adhesion to various fabrics. It consists of a high performance adhesive with conductive features and is ideal for smart clothing, wearable technology and health care applications.



  • Mat (Black)


  • Easy for customized use ( Design-> Cut -> Weed -> Transfer )
  • Conductivity: Resistance is about 200 ohm(Ω)
  • Excellent electrical conductivity after wash
  • Lightweight and soft hand feel
  • High stretchability and elasticity
  • For different kind of fabrics, we provide exclusive solutions to enhance elasticity and wash fastness
  • The materials are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 


  • Film width: 28 cm

Application possibilities

  • Wearable technologies/ wearable devices
  • Health care/ monitoring devices: Heart rate monitor, etc.
  • Smart clothing/ smart gloves/ smart pants/ smart socks/ smart shoes
  • Fitness/ sports/ training/ performance outdoor/ fashion/ life style smart clothing applications
  • Smart wear

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Smart glove

  • Conductive film

  • Conductive tape

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