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Decorative Overlay Film / Tape


It can be easily cut to fit your design and give you the most convenience of production. These flexible and strong films/ tapes provided in roll format all exhibit excellent adhesion to various fabric or leather products that can be combined with E. Textint effects according to meet your requirements.




  • For Fabrics 
  • For Leathers


Exclusive Solution


  • Help for eliminating fabric fraying
  • Excellent wash ability
  • Improve water resistance
  • Lightweight and soft hand feel
  • Multiple effects and colors as development choices
  • Eco-friendly ink system


  • Standard film width: 28/ 38 cm
  • Reflective film width: 28 cm


  • Standard: 60 colors
  • Reflective: 40 colors
  • Dyed to match (Please contact our sales team for more information)


  • Easy for customized use.( Design-> Cut -> Weed -> Heat Apply )
  • Custom large area patterns, graphics/ texts, seam trim, collar trim, sleeve trim, zippers, cuffs, pocket flaps, shoe decoration, etc.
  • Sportswear, outdoor clothing, shoes: running, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, surfing, swimming, hiking, ski wear, snowboarding, biking, yoga, training, gym, etc. 
  • Seam, Collar, Sleeve, Zippers, Cuffs, Pocket Flaps

  • Sportswear & Backpack

  • High Elastic Apparel

  • Shoes

  • Docorative overlay film/ tape

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