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Decorative Overlay Film/ Tape


E. Textint presents a new line named “Decorative Overlay Film / Tape” which involves two main benefits that are generally associated with sportswear’ fashion and function appealing. To maintain a leading position in the industry, we offer more aside from providing much color choices ( Color Reflective X 40 / Mat X 60 ) compared with other competitors, this series of product also allows designers to customize tape’s surface textures or pattern based on their creation.

Besides, we focus creativities on exclusive solutions to different fabric application.Decorative Overlay Film / Tape can be combined with E.Textint suggested quality to prevent color-migration / color-staining appearance in S.A.M ( Super Anti-Migration ) quality and to ensure the wash durability in WP ( For Water-Repellent Fabric ) quality.

 More detailed product information please check here.

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